april fools pranks

U r one of d CUTEST persons in this world!!

Just a second, don't misunderstand me.
CUTE means:

Don't mind yar I making you April fool smile

Hey U Know Which is the best day to propose a girl?
April 1
U Know Why??
If she accept its your luck otherwise just tell April Foooooll

april fools jokes

Sardar got into a bus on 1st April
when conductor asked for ticket.
He gave Rs.10/-
and took the ticket and said april fool.
I have pass.

funny april fools pranks

I Miss you a Lot Dear....

Aishwarya Rai

Message centre:
" Don't get excited. She sent It to me."

april fools joke

U are a...

B. I. T. C. H.






r u smiling now?


april fools day jokes

Plz call me,

its urgent.
Ek accident ho gaya hai.
Aap ka hi blood group chahiye,
Plz mana mat karna
GADHA mar jayega

easy april fools pranks

Gulab Ka FOOL bago me khil raha hai,
Chameli ka FOOL chaman me mahek raha hai,
Kamal ka FOOL pani me tair raha hai,
Aur APRIL ka FOOL mera sms padh raha hai.

April Fool Pranks

1st April ko logo ko murkh banane k 5 tarike.. . . .. . . .

 . . Ye pahela tha.. Happy all fools day..

best april fools jokes

Larkiyon se Dil lagana ik bhoOl hy
Larkiyon k piche jana fuzoOl hy
Jis din kisi Larki ne Apkokeh dia “I LOVE U”
To Samajh lenaUs Din
April FoOl Hai.